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United Coffee House Connaught Place, Delhi NCR, India address

E15, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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United Coffee House info

No Home Delivery
Seating Available
Serves Non Veg
Bar Not Available
Air Conditioned

Cuisines served in United Coffee House, Delhi India

Cost and prices at United Coffee House, Delhi India

Rs. 1500 for two people (approx.) VAT & service charges extra
Payment options at United Coffee House Cash and Credit Cards accepted

United Coffee House, Connaught Place timings

11 AM to 11:30 PM

United Coffee House Pictures

United Coffee House, Connaught Place photosUnited Coffee House, Connaught Place photosUnited Coffee House, Connaught Place photosUnited Coffee House, Connaught Place photos

Metro route to United Coffee House Connaught Place
Nearby Metro
0.2 km
Rajiv Chowk Metro Station
0.4 km
Barakhambha Road Metro Station
United Coffee House address, United Coffee House location

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Rating: 3.6/5 (411 votes)
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User reviews for United Coffee House

48 Reviews, 20 Followers
Went to catch a cup of coffee with some friends.

Coffee: Average
Food: Average. Small portions.
Prices: Expensive
Wait staff: Good
Ambience: Good

Rated low for the average quality of food and coffee and the pricing. Still, would consider a revisit and try something else to eat and drink.
22 Reviews, 13 Followers
The only good thing about this place is the old world charm this place has. The moment you enter this restaurant you feel as if you have time travelled. The food is okayish but portioning is not as per the pricing. The service is very lethargic, it feels as if you are forcing the waiters to serve you. Not a very good experience in comparison to what i had heard about the place.
11 Reviews, 7 Followers
The United Cafe House has always been on my list for some fine dining. The UCH comes with a huge reputation, may be that's why I was judging more and expecting the world. The Ambiance gets full marks, feels kingly !! service is good enough. Now coming to the main point "The Food". We ordered the Peking Duck, going by its name the dish should have been exquisitely made, but not only look wise even the taste buds didn't get up. I had the Peking Duck at the Beijing's wongfojing restaurant, its supposed to be the world's best. The UCB could take some tips from them. Then we ordered the Sliced Lamb with bell peppers, it was soft and we just had to chew it some 150 times for it go down the throat. I can understand lambs are tender and difficult to make. Finally the only good thing was the pepper chicken steak. Everything related to this dish was perfect, right from the time we saw the waiter bringing it from the kitchen door. The complete garnishing was perfect, our... read more
7 Reviews, 3 Followers
Been to this place twice with my family,for lunch n for dinner.N i just fail to understand dt y people dislike d ambience,personally i just love d sombre n d subtle setting ova hea.washrooms r pretty clean +1 for dt.You would c ample of cusines in d menu.Food is really delicious,specially the non veg section.Apart from that decent crowd.would definately visit this place again.
22 Reviews, 20 Followers
The old world charm galore in this beautiful Mediterranean & Indian restaurant. The best part of this place is that you get to travel back to history even if you are going there for the first time. When you are completely soaked in that old world charm, you will feel life has slowed down, as you slip your knife and fork with comfort laziness. You tend to talk rather than to check your phone for any update. The food that I tried was awesome, especially the Chicken Kiev! Is it value for money? I bet it is. As we kept talking from politics to latest in movies, I was at the same time trying to eat this sumptuous and delicious dish. And boy! Is it enough for one man? At the end of it, my appetite was gone but not my desire. It is that good. Although, another dish that we ordered, Maryland Chicken, did not turn out to be what we wished for. The fish and chips are also very good if rumors are to be believed. Go there for a relaxed meal with someone who relish old world... read more
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